Strandberg Boden Masvidalien Receives “NX” Update

(September 20, 2022)

A year after Strandberg announced that their widely popular Boden lineup would get an “NX” update with new and improved features, Paul Masvidal’s signature model, the Boden Masvidalien, receives the same treatment. This announcement comes after Strandberg’s other signature models received this updgrade earlier in the year, including the Sarah Longfield and Plini models.

The new Boden Masvidalien NX 6 Cosmo update includes new EGS Pro 7 hardware, a Richlite fretboard, and a new sculpted neck heel design for improved comfort. It features a single EMG 57 active bridge humbucker and an EMG VMC active tone control with an on/ off toggle switch. Its chambered swamp ash body features a solid maple top with a poplar burl veneer visible through its “Cosmo” natural satin finish.

Check out the video below to see all the details up close:

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