All about Headless Guitars and Basses

Why play a headless guitar? 

Besides its unique esthetic look, playing a headless guitar offers many benefits:

  • They are much shorter compared to the typical guitar which has an average headstock length of 7″. This length difference makes traveling with your instrument much easier, especially when it comes to air travel!
  • Most are significantly lighter, by as much as 30%, compared to the typical guitar (your back will thank you on those long gigs!).
  • They are better balanced so that the neck is less likely to slide down or “neck-dive.”
  • Tuning stability is superior since there is no headstock with string running through the nut which exits at a different angle, leading to increased friction between string and nut.
  • They are more durable since they lack a headstock. Headstocks are the weakest part of a guitar and the part most prone to breaking during transportation.

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