(Rick Beato, me at NAMM 2022. Note: Rick Beato is not in any way affiliated with this site)

Hi! I’m Aleks and I’ve been playing guitar for over 12 years. Even though this site launched in early 2021, the story behind it dates back several years prior. Back in high school I had a guitar player friend who showed up with a headless guitar one day. It was a Traveler Guitar EG-2 (compact and Strat-like in design). 
I was immediately intrigued by it— I loved how it felt to play and how compact it was. He generously let me take it home where I spent more time with it. Up until that point I had only played the typical, traditional guitars: Strat, Schecter Omen, Les Paul, and many others (a few of which I owned), but the headless guitar intrigued me right away. It felt easy and fun to play— it sparked excitement!
And this wasn’t even meant to be a high-end headless guitar, just a compact guitar made for travel (as the name implies). I did some research about headless guitars and was disappointed to see that there weren’t that many options, or at least if there were, I wasn’t able to find very many. So I thought that was that.
Fast forward to several years later and I began looking into headless guitars again, but this time, much to my excitement, there were so many more options out there. Strandberg had been in business for a while, Kiesel had a handful of models, and many more brands had their models— finally there were options! And that is what lead me to the creation of this blog:
HeadlessGuitarBlog.com launched with the intention of creating a resource for guitarists and bassists alike seeking up-to-date information on quality headless guitars and basses available on the market. On this site you’ll find the latest news on headless guitars and basses, how-tos, interviews, and more!
Since their first appearance in the beginning of the 1980’s after Ned Steinberger invented the first headless bass, the L2, in collaboration with bass luthier Stuart Spector in 1979, there has been growing demand for headless instruments over the last few decades— particularly over the last few years. Today, there are many manufacturers producing headless guitars and basses, with some companies, like Strandberg, exclusively making headless instruments.
Some notable artists that play headless guitars include Plini, Tim Miller, Per Nilsson, Ichika Nito, Sarah Longfield, Lee McKinney, and the late great Allan Holdsworth, to name a few.
Check out the blog and click here to learn more about what makes headless guitars so great!