Strandberg Announces Next Generation of Boden Models: The Boden NX

(September 22, 2021)

Today, Strandberg Guitars officially released the new and updated generation of their highly popular Boden lineup, the Boden NX. This next generation consists of the Boden NX: Original, Prog, Metal, Fusion (in the order as seen above), and Classic (as seen below).

Boden Classic NX

According to Strandberg, the improvements consist of the use of “sustainable materials, new hardware to improve performance and reliability, and subtle ergonomic design tweaks that further enhance the comfort and playability of the Boden instruments.”

The new neck joint carve is one improvement which aims to make playing on the highest frets even more accessible. The arm cut is also improved to make the forearm of the picking hand rest more comfortably against the body.

The new Rev 7 bridge features a self-locking mechanism that grips the hex saddle and keeps it firmly in place without the need of a screw on the side of the bridge, as seen on the previous Boden generation. Strandberg boasts that string changes, action adjustments, and setups are now even quicker and easier.

On the other end of the guitar, the headpiece features a new Rev 7 string lock, which is now a one-piece assembly instead of the previous 6 individual pieces. Not only is this new design more robust, but it’s also been designed to protect your fingers from sharp string ends sticking out.

A new NX multitool is also included to provide everything you need to change strings or make any kind of setup adjustments.

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