The Boden Essential: Strandberg’s Game-Changing New Release

Image credit: Strandberg Guitars

June 28th, 2024

The Boden Essential is Ola Strandberg’s latest effort to make high-quality, ergonomic guitars available to a wider audience. Priced under $1,000, this model blends affordability with the premium craftsmanship .strandberg* is known for. Available in striking finishes like Black Granite, Astro Dust, and Elemental Blue, the Boden Essential combines modern aesthetics with superior build quality.

Featuring a roasted maple neck with a new one-piece design for enhanced durability and stability, the Boden Essential ensures top-notch performance. Its simplified 25.5″ scale length makes it accessible for those new to .strandberg* guitars. The EGS Arc bridge has been refined for ease of use without sacrificing quality. By sourcing high-quality components and paying meticulous attention to detail, .strandberg* has created an instrument that surpasses expectations in its price range.

(Image credit: Strandberg Guitars)

What sets the Boden Essential apart is its dedication to accessibility and innovation. By choosing a traditional straight-scale design over the multi-scale fretting system, this model appeals to a wider range of players. The transition from a zero fret to a conventional nut simplifies maintenance and improves playability. These intentional design choices make the Boden Essential perfect for musicians at any skill level, delivering the renowned .strandberg* experience in a more affordable package. With its ergonomic design, exceptional sound quality, and modern aesthetics, the Boden Essential encourages musicians to unlock new creative possibilities.

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