Strandberg Boden Metal 8 Sarah Longfield Edition and Sälen Models Get “NX” Update

(February 19, 2022)

Strandberg just gave the Boden Metal 8 Sarah Longfield Edition as well as the Sälen Deluxe and Sälen Jazz models the same “NX” treatment that the other Boden models (except the Standard) received last September.

The upgrades include the new neck joint carve and arm carve and was based on customer feedback. This improves comfort on the higher frets, as well as for the picking arm as it rests against the body. The NX models also use the newer and improved Rev7 hardware. They feature anodized knobs with new ergonomic grip which make it easy to feel the positions of each knob.

(Boden Metal NX 8 Sarah Longfield Edition, Sälen Deluxe NX 6, Sälen Jazz NX 6)

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