NEO: Devin Townsend and Kiesel’s Signature Headless Guitar Collaboration

Devin Townsend with his Allan Holdsworth Signature, Image credit: Devin Townsend (left), Kiesel Guitars (right)

July 1st, 2024

Devin Townsend, known for his eclectic musical style and virtuosity, has teamed up with Kiesel Guitars to create the innovative NEO, a headless guitar that is both compact and uniquely crafted. Unveiled earlier this year, this instrument comes in two versions: the Circle and the Om. The Circle, with its 27 frets, features a Devin Townsend Fishman pickup and a color finish with the custom Circle inlay. The Om, on the other hand, has 32 frets and three Kiesel S60A pickups with custom switching options, and the Om inlay. Both versions include a custom-covered Hipshot bridge, a counterweight, Dunlop flush-mounted strap locks, and a recessed output jack, ensuring a versatile playing experience.

Image credit: Kiesel Guitars

The NEO’s body options include mahogany with a carved plain maple top or a carved poplar burl top. The bridge choices further diversify the instrument, with a custom-covered Hipshot fixed bridge or a Hipshot/Kiesel tremolo system. This bolt-on constructed guitar is designed for comfort and playability, measuring 29 inches in length, 1.66 inches in body thickness, and 11 inches in width. The active electronics incorporates a push/pull voicing option, a stacked volume/tone control, and a 5-way super switch, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities to suit various musical styles.

Its fingerboard comes in Richlite diamond black with a 14-inch radius and the scale length is 24.75″. The Circle’s hardware, finished in black with a satin red knob, adds a sleek touch to the guitar’s appearance. The neck, made of roasted maple or roasted flamed maple, is fortified with a 2-way adjustable truss rod and dual carbon-fiber rods, ensuring strength and stability. The distinctive 12th fret inlays further enhance the guitar’s unique visual appeal. Devin Townsend’s influence and signature style are embedded in every aspect of this guitar, making it a true representation of his artistic vision.

Video credit: Kiesel Guitars

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