The M6: An Exceptional Semi-hollow Headless Guitar by Tim Miller and Kiesel

Image credit: Tim Miller, Kiesel Guitars

July 2nd, 2024

Renowned for his intervalic, highly melodic playing, Tim Miller has joined forces with Kiesel to create the M6— an innovative headless guitar designed for guitarists seeking a blend of exceptional acoustic volume and resistance to feedback at higher volumes and distorted tones. Built with a semi-hollow, chambered mahogany body, the M6 provides a mix of rich tones and lightness. This guitar stands out with its flamed maple top and ergonomic design, featuring a sculpted neck heel and custom strap button placement for perfect balance while playing standing up. As Miller puts it, “My vision for the Kiesel M6 was to combine semi-hollow electric guitar tones with the balance, portability, and tuning stability of a headless design. Working closely with Jeff Kiesel and the entire team brought this vision to a reality. We have created a unique design that sounds and feels amazing to play!”

Image credit: Kiesel Guitars

The M6 features neck-through construction, which enhances its tonal transfer and sustain. With dimensions of 30.8 inches in length, 1.66 inches in body thickness, and 12.5 inches in width, the guitar is compact yet sturdy. The scale length is 25.5″ and the weight is 6.3 lbs, making it comfortable to play. It has an ebony fingerboard (other options available) with a 14″ radius and 22 stainless steel medium-jumbo frets. The guitar includes bezel-mount passive Kiesel Beryllium humbuckers, and the master volume and tone controls, along with a 5-way blade-style pickup selector, provide extensive tonal flexibility, allowing musicians to easily adjust their sound.

Given that Kiesel is a custom shop, there are a wide range of finishes available for selection. The neck of the M6 is made from tung-oiled maple (other options available), featuring a 2-way adjustable truss rod and dual carbon-fiber rods for added strength and stability. The white pearl dots with standard black-ring Luminlay Super Blue side dots provide visibility on stage, while the guitar’s semi-hollow, chambered design ensures optimal acoustic volume and feedback resistance. The bridge is a Hipshot fixed bridge. Whether you prefer clean or distorted tones, this guitar delivers exceptional sound quality and playability, making it an ideal choice for discerning musicians.

Video credit: Kiesel Guitars

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