Strandberg Announces New Models: Sälen Jazz and Boden DR Titanium

(April 6th, 2021)

Today, in an hour-long Facebook live stream, Ola Strandberg officially launched the all new Sälen Jazz and Boden DR Titanium models.

The Sälen Jazz brings a distinct new look to their lineup with the F-hole carved sound hole on its chambered mahogany body and solid maple top. The mahogany carbon fiber reinforced neck features the classic patented EndurNeck neck profile as well as a 20″ radius rosewood fretboard. This is the first model in the Sälen lineup to come with two humbucker pickups, the Strandberg Classic, instead of the Tele-like dual single-coils on the Deluxe and Classic.

Even though its name and look may make you think it’s mainly meant to be a jazz guitar, Ola made it clear during their live streamed launch that its sonic capabilities go far beyond any one genre of music.

(Sälen Jazz Natural)

The Boden DR Titanium comes under Strandberg’s new “DR” name (an acronym they have yet to reveal) as the name for their new design ideas where Strandberg aims to experiment with innovative features. One of those new features is the use of the paper composite material “Richlite” as the fretboard material. Strandberg claims that this material gives the guitar an acoustic character unlike their other models.

The chambered mahogany body and solid maple top features a unique “Titanium” finish as well as a carbon fiber reinforced mahogany neck with the EndurNeck profile. A little, but not to be overlooked new design feature, is the new knobs that have a flat cut-off so that you can easily feel what position they’re in.

The dual humbuckers are their Strandberg Original pickups made in collaboration with Michael Frank. Lastly, the DR Titanium also features limited edition titanium hardware.

(Boden DR Titanium)

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