Strandberg Announces New Limited Edition Model: Boden Standard “Dala”

(July 31st, 2021)

Strandberg Guitars has just announced that they’re making a new limited edition Boden Standard model: Dala. In what Strandberg calls “the ‘Holy Grail’ of electric guitar wood combinations,” the Dala will feature a solid American basswood body with a solid maple top and a quilted maple top veneer, with a roasted maple neck and fretboard. This combination, they say, produces “an ideal balance between warmth, punch, brilliance and sustain.” The pickups featured are the top-of-the-line Suhr SSV (neck) and SSH+ (bridge) humbuckers. The Dala is available on August 15th.

Scale length: Multiscale 25 – 25.5″
Frets: 24
Fretboard radius: 

Bridge: Tremolo
Pickups: Humbucker
Configuration: HH
Neck construction: Bolt-on
Body: Solid


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