How to Restring Your Headless Guitar/ Bass

Since headless guitars and basses don’t have the usual tuning machines found on a headstock, changing strings on a headless instrument is a little bit different, but not to worry— it’s just as easy, if not easier!

The only tools you need are a hex key (usually included in the case/ gig bag your guitar or bass came in) and string cutters.

Note that even though the design of the bridge and headpiece varies slightly for each brand, changing the strings is the same process.


1. Loosen the string by turning the thumbscrew counter-clockwise until it’s loose enough to pull out or pops out by itself.


2. Release the string by turning the hex key counter-clockwise and pull the string out.


3. Insert the new string into the headpiece.


4. Place ball-end of string into the string slot. Turn the thumbscrew clockwise and make sure that the thicker part of the string (marked in red) is moved behind the saddle.


5. Pull string tightly and fasten by turning hex key clockwise. Note: You want to tighten the screw enough to keep the string securely in place, but not too tight as it can damage the string.


6. Use the string cutter to cut the end of the string as close to the headpiece as possible so that no sharp ends stick out.


7. Tune up the string, repeat steps 1 – 6 for each string and you are done!



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