The Best “Clip-on” Tuner for Headless Guitars

If you’re a fan of clip-on tuners and recently upgraded to a headless guitar, you may think the days of conveniently sticking a tuner on the headstock are over.

Luckily, that’s not the case!

The Jowoom Grabtune tuner is perfect for clamping onto the headpiece and will work on most (if not all) headless guitars.

Jowoom Grabtune

Since most clip-on tuners are only wide enough to be used on something as thick as a headstock, the Jowoom Grabtune is perfect since it will clamp onto something at least as wide as a neck because it is also a capo. The Grabtune will fit comfortably on the top part of the headpiece on your headless guitar.

When you pluck a string, the tuner detects the note through the vibration of the neck. It quickly gives you and accurate reading and displays the color blue when flat, red when sharp, and green when you are perfectly in tune.

Lastly, it’s rechargeable through USB! So no more running out of and replacing batteries.

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